GTS Performance Solutions

New GTS M3 Exhaust Design

GTS Tuned 330i SMG

Our new high performance exhaust for the E9x M3 brings the noise and Horsepower to BMW's 4litre V8. Made from 304 grade mandrel bent stainless steel, this system is TIG welded for the perfect finish. Experienced gains are 10-15kW & 15-20Nm.

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GTS Software and Chip Tuning

Software Solutions


This solution features the latest cutting edge technology in the world of automotive tuning and is specifically designed for late model vehicles manufactured from the year 2000 onwards. The software upgrade is achieved through serial flash programming via the vehicles On Board Diagnostic port (OBD2), alleviating the need to physically open and modify computer boxes. This process is both safe and reliable. Best of all, there is no physical modification to the vehicle whatsoever, rendering it undetectable.

This solution not only provides increases in power and torque but better fuel economy as well.



Eprom_ChipEPROM (Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory) chipping is the oldest form of aftermarket tuning since the dawn of the automotive electronic age.

This process entails removing the original ROM (Read Only Memory) chip, or in certain cases EPROM chip, from the vehicles computer box and replacing it with a chip that can be programmed to offer higher performance and better fuel economy.

We still offer this service as demand is very high. Some applicable examples are the VW 2.0 litre MP9, BMW E36 M3 and BMW 325is.


Standalone Fuel Management Systems & Unichips

Unichip We offer full race-spec ready solutions via standalone management systems and Unichips, offering you full control over your cars tuning parameters and performance.

This product is designed for track and ultra high performance applications and is tuned live under load for maximum gains.



JB4 Performance Tuner

We are now stocking JB4 units, specifically designed for the BMW N55 single turbo 1, 3 & Z series.


Stage 1 - adds up to 30 horsepower to the wheels

Stage 2 - JB Plus (JB+) - adds an adjustable 30-60 horsepower to the wheels

Stage 3 - adds up to 80+ horsepower to the wheels


In addition to this, we offer custom tunes, depending on octane and supporting modifications, much high power figures are also available!


With the exception of massive extra power, factory drivability and refinement are preserved. The key is its unique passive design which allows the JB to work in conjunction with the factory ECU. Factory fuel economy is preserved when not racing, and the JB is one of the few tuners that does not cause annoying check engine lights or limp mode conditions.

The JB Performance Tuners are not traceable through the factory ECU/DME (Including the new 29.2 and later ECU software and MSD81 ECU designed to detect tuners) and can be quickly removed leaving no sign of modification. Installation is very discrete allowing most customers to leave the unit installed for basic service. Trust us when we say you will not be disappointed with the results!