GTS Racing Hardware


All GTS products and accolades are further echoed by our clients’ vehicles on track performance. We have a number of cars that regularly participate in track days and drag racing meets. For more info, select the applicable motorsport





Racing over a ¼ mile (400m) has long been the yardstick for vehicles acceleration ability and GTS has a number of vehicles in this discipline that have proven to be front runners in their respective classes.


Track Racing

Most tuners focus on drag racing to showcase their offerings and abilities. We at GTS offer complete solutions that include suspension setups, LSD’s and custom tuned maps that are track specific. This ensures that our cars are perfectly setup for any circuit around the country, at varying altitudes and in varying conditions to ensure you get the most out of your machine.




By far the world’s fastest growing form of motorsport, Drifting has just reached mainstream level in South Africa. This has presented a new challenge for GTS as drift cars have different power delivery needs to other forms of motorsport.

Needless to say we have tackled this head on and have developed mapping solutions specific to drifting that will make your ride a pleasure to slide



GTS Racing Hardware

Our mechanical parts consist of an array of performance upgrades from cold air induction systems to cat-less exhaust systems, downpipes, and everything in between. All parts feature bolt-on convenience, meaning they are fitted to your vehicle without any modifications and can be removed and replaced with OEM equipment at anytime. We use only the highest quality materials during the construction process and all parts feature dyno proven performance gains.


Cold Air Induction Kits

induction_kitGTS offers a range of cold air intake systems to suit your needs and budget. We stock branded items as well as our own line of high performance products in this area.

Power and torque are significantly increased due to greater airflow and lower air intake temperatures. When carried out correctly, induction installations are a great mod. This offers good power gains and protection from dreaded heatsoak.


Exhaust Systems & Down Pipes

Exhaust systems on cars these days are developed under very stringent conditions. Manufacturers have to contend with emmssions and noise regulations. This means power is sapped from your car by the factory setup. Our designs minimise flow resistance by utilising only Mandrel bent piping and high quality TIG* welded stainless steel.

On turbo cars, replacing the catalytic converters and turbo downpipe is a fantastic way to flow exhaust gases out quicker and increase power.

At GTS we abide by local laws and provide high performance solutions to give you back the power and the beautiful soundtrack you deserve. As always, we can supply and fit branded products, imported from overseas or own GTSR line at a more affordable rate with similar gains. We also offer custom setups that are tailor made for your requirements. Be it a particluar resonance or pure peformance.


Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), also known as tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding, is an arc welding process that uses a nonconsumable... READ MORE


Underdrive Pulley Kits



At GTS we have a different philosophy when it comes to tuning. We always opt take the high road when it comes to making power and believe in a smart approach. Instead of making power through conventional methods, like cranking up boost pressure all the way or advancing timing excessively; a more conservative, smart approach can be just as effective or even better - we think. Rather than "making power" why not "reclaim power" lost through the burden of turning over engine ancillaries like water pimps & alternators etc. We offer lightweight underdrive pulley kits that can reclaim up to 15kW and 25Nm at the wheels of your car. Kits come complete with replacement belts.